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Change is Certain… And Painful

Three words I never thought I’d say: Mom is terminal. Three crushing words. I can start crying at any given moment. It’s amazing how many things make me think of her and how my life will never be the same… Continue Reading →

Role Reversal

Not sure not the exact moment that the roles reversed. In a small way it happened years ago when my parents no longer knew more than I did. Then memory starts becoming an issue… Little things along the way have… Continue Reading →

Do Work That Excites You

When I get asked what I’m about professionally I say I’m passionate about events and marketing, and particularly how communication manifests itself between the two. I’ve worked in sales and marketing since 1998 (prior to that I was a technical… Continue Reading →

Has Social Media Made us Less Connected?

This notion is not new. Ever since social media emerged, we’ve heard that “we’ve never been so well connected, and yet so out of touch with each other.” Communication studies focus on all different aspects of this. More studies are… Continue Reading →

The Word Blab has Taken on New Meaning! (w/Updates)

(Updated 9/18/15) Being a blabber-mouth has never really had a positive connotation. I believe many of my elementary school teachers might have considered me a blabber, which wasn’t something to be proud of! Now I’m happy to be a blabber…. Continue Reading →

The Art of Keeping Ones Trap Shut

Do you ever wish you could tell your younger self something really valuable? And know that it would be heeded? Ya, me too. I would if I could! More and more I’m realizing the value of simply keeping things in… Continue Reading →

Small Biz is Big Biz

Growing up the youngest of nine children, the value of a dollar was very strongly impressed upon me over the years. Any item of clothing I wanted my Mom would ask “What else do you have that goes with it?”… Continue Reading →

Ten Tips for Using Instagram for Business

I had a young college student ask me for some tips on Instagram because her employer has asked her to take over their Instagram account, and she had only used it on a personal level. How we use Instagram absolutely… Continue Reading →

It’s Raining Plumeria

Sun is shining. Birds are chirping.  Waterfalls are flowing. Kids laugh and splash. It’s another magical day in Indonesia. It’s also my last full day here as my vacay comes to a close.The last day of a vacation is always… Continue Reading →

From Great to Better

The season of resolutions is in full swing! We all know a new year is that time people declare as a new start. It’s the opportunity so many see to make a “better effort” with their health or careers or… Continue Reading →

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