I’ve been podcasting since 2016! I began as a crew member and occasional host on an audio-visual-based podcast. I then started my own show called Making a Marketer, which has been “on air” since 2017. In 2019 I was hired to host an events-focused podcast called Inside Events.

Here are a handful of episodes of the Making a Marketer Podcast…

Here are the first two episodes of Inside Events…

I hosted the first 18 episodes of this industry-based podcast for Swapcard.
Ep. 1 – State of the Events Industry
– Nick Borelli and Julius Solaris join us on this very thought-provoking inaugural episode. 

Ep. 2 – How Data is Changing Events
– Swapcard CEO Baptiste Boulard and Comexposium CEO Simon Foster are the guests as we talk about the blurred lines between marketing & sales and a LOT about DATA.

Inside Events - Episode 1 with Bap

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