Current Clients

San Diego Restaurant Group (Dec. ’13 – present)

The three pillar restaurants in San Diego’s iconic Seaport Village since it was developed in ’80-’81.
– Managing all elements of marketing including all content/social media strategy & execution, quarterly newsletters, Website management, reputation management, advertising, and photography.

EventCollab (April, 2014 – present)

Cloud-based event project management software company. One central place online to manage ALL of your events, including document sharing/editing, ToDos, discussions, time tracking, and more.
– Managing all elements of marketing including marketing plan & budget, all content/social media strategy & execution, email marketing, blog, tradeshow strategy & execution, business development, and all other things that need to be done!

Past Clients

Epicenter Management (Winter, 2017) — an assn management co.
– Social Media master-class training (full day) & photography – team & individual head-shots taken

ikeGPS  (Winter, 2017)
– Tradeshow strategy & logistics management

AV Chicago (Fall, 2016)
– Website re-write and blog post writing.

Trade Show Internet (2016)
– Social media strategy, market research project for new product, and complete 2016-2017 Marketing Plan

CTM Interactive (2016)
– Project work & overall consultation for a new product; company communication consultation, Website evaluation, social media strategy, and guest blog post.

Completed social media strategies in 2013 for Dog Bone Marketing Solutions for the following clients:

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These sites are no longer in use (due to age!), but they can be viewed (mostly) through the “Way Back Machine,” Web archive: Copy and paste the URLs below into the Way Back Machine if you’d like to travel back in time to the sites I created. Some images are missing here and there, but they’re mostly in tact.

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