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I have graduated. Again. The consistent question I’m getting from people who learn that I’ve just earned my master’s degree is “Now what?” I have to say, it’s a question I didn’t expect to be asked so much! For the most part, my answer is “More of the same, I suppose… with some more letters on my resume.” Having my own marketing consulting business has been invigorating in many ways. I very much enjoy being able to choose who I want to work with (who knew turning down business would feel so good?) and making my own schedule is amazing! I enjoy the variety and the flexibility more than anything.

What I think I’m most excited about in finishing (though, if I’m honest, it hasn’t really set in yet that I am DONE!) is having more time to get organized and sort of re-set… Deciding how many new clients to take on and truly figuring out how many hours I have to give is the next task at hand, and I have given myself a couple of weeks for that.

But! An unexpected side-effect of sending out my thesis survey is that I may have potential job opportunities because of it! It got me thinking how much I also love being part of a team and how putting brain-power together to strategically support clients in their business endeavors is also very satisfying. I have commitments to my current clients… So how could I get the best of both worlds? Could this new opportunity also be a consulting client of sorts? I’m both excited and nervous about what the future holds!

I pursued a masters degree because it’s something I’ve *always* wanted to do. I did it with the intention of getting out of sales and into marketing communication again… which was a windy road, but one I accomplished before I was done. Through the MA program at Gonzaga I grew and learned so much about myself, about communication, and how to apply the learning within the different business environments I’ve been working in and that is like gold

Graduating with a 3.92 – summa cum laude – is extra icing on the cake!!

So, what is next? I’m considering pursuing a PhD… Dr. Powers sounds pretty darn cool, doesn’t it? I’ll figure it out and continue having the philosophy that 
I’ve tried to instill in every person I’ve mentored – it’s not about the destination, but the journey! 

What a journey it has been and I am thoroughly enjoying it… Bring on NEXT.


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