New Year… New Beginnings

16 days into the new year… How are you feeling about it so far?
A friend of mine posed that question as her status earlier today and I found all of the comments to be very interesting. While it is “just another day”, it’s nice to feel like you have that opportunity to start anew. To put whatever you need to behind you and take a totally different outlook on what is ahead.
Just about everyone starts a new year with resolutions or goals for the year and, typically, within a month or two the resolutions are in the rear view mirror not to be seen again until the next new year. This year I decided not to make resolutions I won’t keep, but to do the following:
     Publish my bucket list that I have only 9 more months to accomplish and ask for the help of my friends and family to accomplish all the items!
     Approach the year with a truly optimistic view. Things have not gone my way in the recent past, but that’s just it – it’s in the past!
     All of that… And I have the bug to go back to school and get my Masters… WOW, I thought I was busy already?!
Each new year quickly begins with the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas. I attended last year because I was to be bidding on audio-visual services for part of the show. This year I attended again for that reason and many others… And this year my industry association (PCMA) annual meeting happened to begin right on the heels of CES, right in Vegas! That meant I was to spend 7 days and nights in Las Vegas (IN-A-ROW!). I was frightened going in, but it was truly an adventure and inspiring. Of course, I came home exhausted beyond words and felt like I needed to sleep for three days, but I was reminded once again that there is NO other way for me to meet new potential clients and do that relationship-building with potential clients and fellow suppliers. In fact, two supplier friends of mine introduced me to two of my best potential new clients during the conference. NOTHING can replace the face-to-face interactions that these meetings bring. Now, having these meetings in a city that “makes you go to sleep” (I do LOVE Vegas, New Orleans and NYC, but phew!) would help the exhaustion factor, but I wouldn’t replace the experience for the world.
In addition to meeting several new potential clients, I was able to close a deal I was already working on and learned that we’ve made it to the finals on two other big deals… The new year is off to a killer start!
It’s important to keep your eye on the prize and not get mired in the negative… I’m personally intending to approach each week with a positive spirit and that HAS to have a positive influence on my life—ALL aspects of my life! I suggest you do the same. Positive affirmations! It worked for Stuart Smally, right? :o)

Happy New Year to you all.

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