I suppose that sounds like a silly title, but this is something I’ve been meaning to write about for a while. From September until the beginning of May I was a contractor (Marketing), who turned entrepreneur/business owner, and a graduate student. My clients are a restaurant group (three restaurants) and a software company start-up in the “events industry.” 

Every time I attend a Webinar, or a face-to-face conference, or read a blog, I’m constantly struggling with where my mind goes and how to apply what I’m hearing! My personal business is different from both of my clients and they are very different from each other. Add in that little thesis project required for my Masters Degree graduation and it was a very challenging bunch of months. 

Perfect example: Listening to a podcasting speaker at 

Social Media Day, and I wrote myself a note to write this blog!

I hear a great idea and my mind explores how to apply it for a certain situation, but then I stop and wonder—what about the other client? What about my business? People have suggested I “carve out a niche” client-base, which would help solve this problem a little bit, but I love the variety. Just as my career has been a potpourri of duties and industries, that’s also how I would like my consulting business to be. 

Being able to apply my expertise in a variety of industries to help solve my client’s business needs is part of why I’m so enjoying having my own consulting business. 

SO—I think this is the first blog I’ve written where I don’t have a (potential) resolution. I would love to hear comments / suggestions for how we can all “divide our mind time”… 

Any tips or tricks? Let’s hear it! 

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