Be Grateful for What you Wish for

In light of my stress levels as of late, I was tempted to name this blog entry the proverbial “be careful what you wish for”, but in truth I am still grateful, despite the stress. I am 2.5 weeks in to my graduate program through Gonzaga and 1.5 weeks into being a Big Sis… And in the middle of an extremely stressful and busy time at work, but I am still grateful!

I have been distracted by March Madness and I’ve had more social time in the past 10 days than is normal for me, but I haven’t said no to anything. It is partially the “distractions” from schoolwork that are making me more stressed than I would like to be, but I actually think it has helped to reduce my stress levels overall! Time with friends and family is sooooo important for our mental well-being and I often complain that I don’t get enough time with them, so how could I say no? If you know anything about your “RealAge” (go to, you know that the more close relationships you have, the more enriched your life will be and, theoretically, you will live longer! I sure like that notion and I believe it to be true.

Interestingly, my time and communication with these people is also helping to define my viewpoints about communication (thus, contributing to my thoughts/ideas within my current Communications Theory class!). But I truly need to become a master at scheduling my days… This is all possible and wonderful with proper time management! This is what I told people who were wondering how I could do it all–that a busy person actually accomplishes more than a person with little to do!

I have just completed my second conference In four weeks and I’m headed home for three days before I head out again for two more events and as many destinations for another eight days. But while I am home? I’m gong to attend my nephew’s Bootcamp graduation in SD, get my hair done, have a visit with my “little”, head out for my nephew’s birthday (same nephew), and run a 5K before I head to Vegas for one of the most significant events my company has ever done (because of the technology and installation and not the price).

As I fly home to San Diego, thinking about the two papers I have to write by tomorrow and Sunday… I’m a little bit stressed, but I will get it done! I have faith. Please think the good thought for me!:-)


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