The Power of Moving You

Written 7/30/11

This weekend kicked off last night with what was to be a jam-packed schedule. I was sort of regretting planning so much, but at the same time knowing I wanted to do it all to see all the people I wanted to see. Going to Yoga in the park (for charity) this morning is how I started my day today and I’m so glad I did! I believe it is true that things in motion stay in motion… And this is especially true when in the mode of exercising. The longer you don’t do it, the easier it is to NOT exercise and to make excuses to keep away (trust me, I have plenty of experience in this). The thing about it, is that the benefits are so much greater than dropping a size.

I’m sure there were people who doubted whether I would actually work out for 20 days straight before my vacation, but I absolutely did. And the benefits of it far exceeded the weight loss I was hoping for. Those three weeks were also very stressful because of work and graduate school, so it seemed fitting it in would be even harder… But it really made it easier! And I found myself wishing I could work out for longer periods of time. It became my escape and it made dealing with everything else a bit easier – it helped me to focus on everything else. Even if I only had 30-minutes, it made a difference and I think I jump-started my metabolism in the process. And while on vacation I felt jealous when I saw people running! I never thought that would be me… I even got two runs in while in Croatia.

During yoga this morning I found myself reflecting a little bit on those things that I’m struggling with right now, but my thoughts quickly turned to gratitude. I have amazing friends and family and I do believe that everything will work itself out. I am also blessed with the ability to move, which is not only good for my body, but for my soul as well! The next time you are making excuses to not get moving — in any way, any where you are able — think about those who aren’t as fortunate… And about how much better you will feel after you do! Keep doing it and you will want to continue to keep in motion, I promise.

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  1. I love the name of you blog and I love yoga! I actually do like to move, but sometimes I get lost in my writing for hours at a time and forget to move. Definitely not good–our bodies are made to move and move a lot! Love your blog and I'll be back!

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