Sometimes Terrible Life Events Follow Uplifting Ones

I’ll start with the uplifting part. Yesterday I participated in my 5th American Cancer Society’s Making Strides Against Breast Cancer Walk and my total money raised in those five years is at almost $15,000. The walk is always so inspiring – tons of survivors and more than 20,000 people participating, all in an effort to increase awareness of the issue of breast cancer and to raise money for the American Cancer Society to continue their research to prevent and eventually CURE this disease that has affected all of us. I’m motivated by the desire to raise as much money as I can because I really believe we are making a difference and after having my Mom, her Mom, three of her sisters, and a first cousin all go through it, I feel like it just might be on the horizon for me and my sisters, so I’m hoping the treatments will continue to get better and even more successful than the 98% survival rate we have right now when it’s caught early. I’m also a little competitive and striving to have my numbers be up there with the highest in all of San Diego helps to stoke the fire of my efforts! My numbers have gone down right along with the economy, but I am extremely inspired by a local San Diego woman named Stacy Matseas who is the #1 fundraiser in the NATION who raises her money for this walk. In 10 years she has raised close to (if not more now) $800K. If she can set a goal of $125K for ONE year, I surely can keep trudging on to get as close as possible to my $4,000 goal. The walk happens and is over in a matter of hours, but we have to continue to raise awareness and help this awesome organization… And I’m honored to do so. Still taking donations, by the way:
I think I’ll put the terrible life event in another post later today so this uplifting one can stand alone.
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